Changing our Perspective

Series: Missions Minded

Title: Changing our Perspective

Date: May 6, 2018

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20


Intro:  Today we begin a new sermon series entitled, “Missions Minded.” In this series we will see the importance on sharing the gospel right where we live. Today we will begin our series with a sermon called, “Changing our Perspective.”



Main Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20

Main Idea: To help us understand that we as believers are missionaries right where we live



  • Start off by having the congregation play a game.
    • Pick a number from 2 – 10
    • Multiply that number by 9
    • Add up the two digits in your answer
    • Subtract 5 from you answer
    • Using your number we will assign a letter to it
      • A = 1; B=2; C=3; D=4; E=5, etc.
    • Now the fun really begins
    • Using your letter select a country that begins with your letter
    • Using the last letter of the country you selected use that letter to select an animal
    • From the animal you selected use the last letter of the animal to select a fruit
    • Does everyone have their selections?
    • Now, I will show you a slide that hopefully represents your selections
    • Show slide
    • What I just did was limit your perspective and I will explain how I did that later in the sermon.


Just as you experienced having a limited perspective the disciples in our Scripture for today also had a limited perspective. When we read these verses we tend to think that Jesus gives the Great Commission to 11 guys who are pumped up and ready to charge into the world sharing the gospel message. BUT, that isn’t the case. In reality the disciples have been hiding since Jesus died and many of them are questioning the last 3 years of their life. They are questioning if what Jesus had told them and taught them had any value. When Jesus was with them they had a wide perspective but since Jesus died upon the cross they willingly limited their perspective by going into hiding.


The disciples needed to have a change in their perspective and that is exactly what Jesus provided them.


Of course before a person is willing to change their perspective they question the person who challenges them to change.

  • Does this person really know what they are talking about?
  • What authority does this person have to tell me I need to make a change?


Without the proper authority people won’t listen.

  • If I go to a Huskers football practice and begin to tell the players what to do, what will happen? (Wait for a response) But, if Scott Frost comes onto the football field and tells the players what to do, what happens? (Wait for response) We are both good looking, athletic men so what is the difference between us? Scott Frost has the proper authority over the football team and I don’t.


  • Where did Jesus get His authority from?
    • Matthew 11:27a – All things have been handed over to Me by my Father;
    • God the Father has given Jesus the proper authority
  • With this proper authority Jesus can now challenge the disciples to change their perspective
  • Jesus challenges their perspective by giving them 3 commands:
    • Go
    • Baptize
    • Teach



  • While Jesus was with His disciples on the earth He commanded them to go out and preach the gospel to the house of Israel.
  • But now, they are told to GO and make disciples of ALL nations.
    • Do you see the difference?
      • Only the children of Israel vs. ALL NATIONS (Gentiles!!!)
    • The idea behind the word GO is that of continuing on a journey you have already started.
    • The disciples of Jesus had started a journey with Jesus but after His death they stopped the journey. Jesus is telling them to pick the journey back up and expand it.
    • The journey is that of making DISCIPLES.
      • A disciple is not just a convert but who desires to be a scholar, a learner and a student of the one they are following.
      • Disciples are made by:
        • Hearing the Word of God
        • Believing the Word of God
        • Submitting to the Word of God


  • Those who became disciples were to be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son , and the Holy Spirit.
    • This is different than the baptism of John and the baptism of one who converted to Judaism.
    • This was a baptism that was an external sign of faith in Christ and submission to His word.
    • To be baptized “unto” anyone is publicly to receive and adopt him as a religious teacher or lawgiver; to receive his system of religion. (Barnes)
  • By being baptized into the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that disciples was saying I believe in the Triune Godhead and that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are GOD.



  • What Jesus had taught them was not meant to be kept just to themselves, it was meant to be shared.
  • They were to teach other disciples the ways of Jesus
  • They were to teach them to observe or hold on tight/keep a sharp eye on all the commands of Jesus



Just like the disciples we too need to change our perspective about sharing the gospel.

  • Earlier in the sermon we played a game and in that game you made choices from what you believed to be a wide perspective. But in reality I limited your choices and thus your perspective.
    • You selected a number and multiplied that number 9 and then added the digits together. No matter which number you selected the final answer was going to be 9.
      • 2×9 = 18; 3×9=27; 4×9=36; 5×9=45; 6×9=54; 7×9=63; 8×9=72; 9×9=81; 10×9=90
    • So when you subtracted 5 from the number YOU selected it was going to be 4 no matter what
    • SO, each person in here was going to select a country that began with the letter D
      • Which there are only 6
        • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
        • Democratic Republic of Congo
        • Denmark
        • Djibouti
        • Dominica
        • Dominican Republic
      • For most people when pressed to choose they will select Denmark
      • So the country that YOU selected was Denmark and therefore the letter for your animal was going to be K
        • There are only 11 animals that begin K but the most popular and well known is the Kangaroo.
          • Kakapo – Parrot
          • Kangaroo
          • Keel Billed Toucan
          • Killer Whale
          • King Crab
          • King Penguin
          • Kingfisher
          • Kiwi
          • Koala
          • Komodo Dragon
          • Kudu
        • So, from the animal YOU selected the letter for your fruit was going to be the letter O
          • There are only 5 fruits that begin with the letter O
            • Okra
            • Onion
            • Orach
            • Orange
            • Oriental Persimmon


When we have a limited perspective our options are limited.


Just like the disciples some of us have limited our perspective by boxing ourselves in.

So, just like the disciples we too need the challenge of the GREAT COMMISSION.


  1. Get Going Again
    1. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior than you have started a journey. That journey is your new spiritual life in Christ. In this journey we are to replicate the best we can the life of Christ.
    2. What did Jesus do while He lived on this earth?
      1. He loved people and shared with them the message of hope and forgiveness
    3. We are called to do the same.
    4. The command to GO is not to start going but to CONTINUE what we have already started. Many of us have limited our perspective because we have stopped progressing in our journey.
    5. It’s time to start up that journey again and get GOING
    6. Going into ALL THE WORLD is not just the job of PASTOR’S and MISSIONARIES! The job of going into all the world belongs to all believers!
    7. ALL THE WORLD includes:
      • Our homes
      • Our co-workers
      • Our neighbors
      • Our community
  • You are a missionary right where God has you. Don’t limit your perspective (ALL the WORLD is some far away place) expand it by continuing your journey right where you live.


  1. Encourage Baptism
    1. After a person accepts Jesus Christ as their personal we need to encourage them to be baptized!
    2. Why?
      1. It allows them to take another step of faith
      2. It solidifies in their own minds what they have done
  • It shows others that God is still working
  1. Too often we limit our perspective by telling ourselves that baptism really isn’t that big of deal.
  2. Expand your perspective by grasping the importance of a believer being baptized.


  1. Share Your Knowledge
    1. What we learn about Jesus is not meant to be kept just to ourselves it is meant to be shared with others.
    2. Don’t limit your perspective by telling yourself:
      1. I really don’t know that much
      2. No one wants to hear what I have to say about Jesus
    3. Expand your perspective and Share Your Knowledge
      1. You probably know more than you think
      2. Not having an answer is okay because it makes you go back to God’s Word
  • What you share could possibly change someone else’s eternity.


When we change our perspective new options open up.


As we come to close I want you notice the last few words that Jesus told His disciples, “and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


Those words still apply today! You don’t have to do any of this alone because the Spirit of Jesus is right there with you.


As our sermon comes to a close for today this question needs to be asked, “How’s your perspective today?”