Work in Progress

Series: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Title: Work in Progress

Date: April 8, 2018

Scripture: Colossians 3:1-17


Intro:  Today we begin a short sermon series called, “Spiritual Spring Cleaning.” If spring ever arrives, than many of us can begin the process of deep cleaning our house. Do we really enjoy the idea of spring cleaning? Not really but it is necessary. The same idea applies to our spiritual lives as well. There are times when we need to look around and get to cleaning so stuff up. Hopefully, this series will help us pinpoint some areas that need a little Spring Cleaning. If you would, please open your Bibles to Colossians chapter 3. We are going to read verses 1 – 17 this morning.


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Our sermon for today is called, “A Work in Progress.”


  • Focus on the idea that ‘renew’ holds the idea of RENOVATION = To make like new!
  • Use the example of Fixer Upper – In this show Chip and Joanna take the worst house in the neighborhood and they renovate it.
    • Partner with a couple or single person = God wanting to partner with us
    • Find a house to renovate = Each person is made in the image of God
    • Demo out the junk (Chip’s favorite day)= Us getting rid of some junk in our spiritual lives
    • Rebuild into something beautiful = Putting in the proper stuff into our lives
    • Show it off = Living it out for Jesus
  • Remember that the main thought for today is RENOVATION = To make like new!


  • Just as Chip and Joanna renovate a house to make it like new God also desires for us to go through a renovation process.
  • The process that Chip and Joanna go through to renovate a house is similar to the renovation process in our spiritual lives. Explain
  • Today we are going to focus on the demo and the renovation
  • Let’s start with the demo which by the way is Chip’s favorite day of the entire process.




  • Demo out the junk:
    • Immorality (porneia) Illicit sexual intercourse (Adultery; Fornication; Homosexuality; Intercourse with animals; Incest, etc.)
    • Impurity – Both physical and moral; recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources
    • Passion – strong lustful desires usually sexual
    • Evil Desire – Craving and longing for that which is forbidden
    • Greed – A desire to have more; to covet; Always wanting more
    • Anger – Quick tempered; violent outbursts
    • Wrath – heated up to boiling over
    • Malice – Desire to injure; not ashamed to do wrong
    • Slander – to vilify and damaged another’s name
    • Abusive speech – foul and obscene speaking
    • Lying – to deceive and utter untruths


  • Renovation Process:
    • Compassion – Deep sympathy; Inward affection
    • Kindness – Being useful > Offering goodness to others
    • Humility – Having a proper view of yourself; lowliness of mind
    • Gentleness – meek, quiet, submissive
    • Patience – slow to avenge wrongs; Long-suffering
    • Bearing with others -Endure, suffer
    • Forgiving – to grant as a favor the pardon of a wrong
    • Love – Self-less love


  • The process of renovation doesn’t end with the demo it must also involve the rebuilding. If you demo out the junk but don’t but in the right stuff eventually the wrong stuff will be put back in!
  • The renovation process is something that must be done daily! It is not just a one-time occurrence but a daily one.


How can the renovation be successful?

  1. Set your mind on things above – Daily
    1. What do we focus on?
      1. The things that the world wants or the things that God wants
  1. World – Personal desires; Whatever makes us feel good and look good; getting our own way; Becoming #1 by any means necessary; etc.
  2. God – Put the needs of others first; Think about the feelings of others; Be a peace-maker; Serve others; Be humble; etc.
  • In order for us to set our minds things above (Godly) we need to have an interest in GOD! You will learn more and grow more attached to the things you have an interest in.
      1. Sports; Music; History; Acting; Cars; Hunting; Exercise; Animals; etc…


  1. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts – Daily
    1. Peace – Security; Safety; Free from fear; Content
  • Rule – To umpire
  1. Read John 14:27
  2. In order for us to have the peace of Jesus umpire our hearts we must let go of whatever peace we are holding to.
      1. Political or National Peace – Peace is usually kept by force and fear
      2. Peace in my personal relationships – No matter how hard we try conflicts still arise
      3. Peace with ourselves – That is hard to do with so much pressure put on us by the world
  1. Happiness is having a brand new vehicle that goes from 0 – 60 in 2.3 seconds
  2. Am I too fat or too thin?
  3. Am I wearing the right kind of clothes
  4. Do I have the most update to phone?
  5. Do I look good enough?
  6. Is my house big enough?
  7. Is my hair styled just right?
      1. The peace of Jesus can wash away the troubles and fears of your heart
  1. You don’t have to be perfect because Jesus was
  2. Your outward appearance won’t keep you from having a proper inward one
  3. I am secure in who I am because Jesus is with me
  4. I have safety because Jesus is greater than this world
  5. I don’t have to fear what the future holds because Jesus knows the future
  6. I can be content because Jesus is the great provider
  1. What peace are you allowing to umpire your heart?


  1. Let the word of Christ richly dwell inside of you – Daily
    1. Richly = Abundantly
  • Dwell = To make a home
  1. The words of Christ are to make a home inside of us. That means we need to put the Words of Jesus into our heart. The words of Christ are the words found within our Bibles not just the one’s He spoke while on earth but all of them. Jesus is both the author and main subject of the Bible. These words are meant to be placed within our hearts.
  2. Why? Listen to this wisdom from Proverbs 4:23 – Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.


  1. The problem that many of us have is that we don’t allow the word of Christ to dwell abundantly inside of us.
    1. For many believers the word of Jesus is:
      1. A stranger – A quick wave or What’s up as we pass by
      2. A distant friend – They come around only once in a long while
      3. A random acquaintance – You just happen to bump into them while out and about


  1. For the renovation of our lives to be successful we need a heart that is filled to the brim with the Words of Jesus! We need His Word in our hearts if we want the renovation to be complete. If all we do is change the outward appearance than we have failed in having a true and proper renovation in our lives. We need to this renovation to occur from the inside to the outside.



Closing: We are in desperate need of having a renovation in our lives. There are some things that we probably need to demolish. Then after the demolition has taken place we need to begin the renovation process and that process must begin on the inside. Being renovated is a daily activity that requires us to: set our minds on the things above; Allow the peace of Jesus to umpire our hearts; and finally Allow the words of Jesus to abundantly make a home in our heart. Where are you at in the renovation project?