Yes, Ma’am

Series: Missions Minded

Title: Yes, Ma’am

Date: May 13, 2018

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-9


Intro:  Today, before we continue our sermon series, “Missions Minded,” I have a short video that I would like to show everyone. (Play Video)


Since today is Mother’s Day our sermon for today is called, “Yes, Ma’am.” I am fairly certain that at some point in your childhood you responded to your mother with a “Yes, Ma’am.” I would like to take you down memory lane for a brief moment and remind us of the times we might have responded with a “Yes, Ma’am.”


  • When to say, “Yes, Ma’am.”
    • If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about.
    • I brought you into this world, I can take you out.
    • Wait until your Father gets home.
    • I don’t care who started it, I’ll finish it
    • I don’t know is not an answer
    • If you fall and break your leg don’t come running to me!
    • Because I’m the mom, that’s why!


Since we are in a sermon series called, “Missions Minded,” and since today we are focusing on Mother’s the Ma’am in our sermon title is actually an acronym.

M- Mother’s

A – Are

A – Active

M- Missionaries


To understand this idea of Mother’s being active missionaries to their own children and grandchildren we will look at the example of Hannah. Please open your Bible to 1 Samuel chapter 1. We are going to read the first 9 verses to give us a little background.


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  • Main Points:
    • Prayer (1 Sam. 1:11)
      • Hannah was praying to have a child – Just because you don’t have any children it doesn’t mean you have no desire to be a mom.
        • Hannah had a strong desire to be a mom – Many women who don’t or can’t have children have a strong desire to be a mom. Don’t give up hope keep crying out to God.
        • Hannah was lifting up prayers for a child she didn’t even have!
      • Lift up prayers on behalf on your children.
        • We need more Mother’s today who will pray for their children.
          • When you pray for your child you are lifting up and setting them before the throne of Jesus!
        • Lift up those prayers, because:
          • Your children need them – No matter how young or how old they are – They need YOUR prayers!
          • Satan desires to devour them – That dirty rotten scandral is walking around like a roaring seeking to devour
          • No one knows them like you do – You have a special relationship with your child because you carried them inside of your body for 9 months and then gave birth!
            • You have a unique relationship with them and when needed, you can play the ultimate trump card – “I gave birth to you!”
          • Ma’am your children need your prayers.


  • Point them toward Jesus (1 Sam. 1:11 and 1 Sam. 1:26-28)
    • Hannah decided that her son would be a Nazarite (Numbers 6:1-27)
      • Abstain from any product of the grape vine – Shun fleshly pleasure
      • Not taking part in mourning for the dead – Death showed the corruption of the fruit of sin
      • Not coming near a dead body
      • Not cutting their hair – Was a visible sign of their vow


  • After Samuel was weaned she took him to the priest at Shiloh and dedicated him to the Lord.
    • This is her first child after many years of trying to have one and instead of keeping him to herself she gave Samuel over to the Lord and His work.
  • Hannah decided very early on that she would point her child toward God. We need more mothers like that today.
    • Mothers who will on purpose point their children toward God. You can’t make you child accept Jesus but you can show them way to Him. (Prov. 22:6)
  • Just look around our world and you will see mother’s pointing their children in a variety of directions:
    • Fame – Sports hero; Music legend; Movie star
    • Fortune – Go to college get a great degree and make tons of money
    • Popularity – Go and be the center of attention; Get involved with all the activities that you can
    • Self – Do what makes you happy; Do what you want to do
    • Be the best no matter what – Do whatever it takes to be the best; Rules don’t matter
  • We need some Mother’s today who will point their child toward Jesus.
    • Instead of fame – Being a servant
    • Instead of fortune – Being a giver
    • Instead of being popular – Being humble
    • Instead of looking to self – Look to Jesus for help
    • Instead of being the best – Helping others be their best
  • Ma’am your children need you to point them to Jesus


  • Promise Keeper ( 1 Sam. 1:21-22,28)
    • Hannah told God that if He would give her a son that she would give that boy back to Him.
    • Guess what Hannah did when the child was weaned? She went to the temple in Shiloh and gave Samuel to the Lord.
      • The words used in the Scripture are powerful, it says, “… that he may appear before the LORD and stay there forever.”
  • Hannah was a PROMISE KEEPER.
  • We need some Mother’s today who strive to be Promise Keepers!
      • If you make a promise to God – Keep it!
  • Let your children see you keep that promise you made to God
      • If you make a promise to your child – Keep it!
  • Let your children see and experience the power of your word.
  • Moms if you do break a promise to your child don’t beat yourself up over it.
      • Remember that you are human and not perfect
      • Go to that child and tell them you are sorry for breaking your promise.
      • Let them know that the God you serve never breaks His promises.
  • Ma’am your children need you to be a PROMISE KEEPER


  • Praise Giver ( 1 Sam. 2:1-11)
    • As Hannah is dedicating her child to the Lord she breaks out in a song of PRAISE.
    • I want you to notice a few things from this beautiful song of PRAISE:
      • 11 times Hannah uses LORD/God
      • 15 times Hannah uses personal pronouns – He, Him, Your
      • Rejoiced in God’s deliverance
      • Her heart exulted in God
      • Claimed that there none like God
      • Said that the LORD is a God of knowledge
  • The central theme of this song of PRAISE was GOD!
  • Her little son Samuel saw and heard his mother PRAISING GOD
  • We need some Mother’s today who will be PRAISE GIVERS!
  • In our society today giving praise has seemed to give way to complaining. It is an easy trap to fall into but it’s one that we need to avoid as well.
  • I know that there is plenty to complain about (Bills, aches and pains, work problems, your husband, and much more) but there is also much to PRAISE God about as well.
      • Having money to pay the bills
      • Getting the proper care to overcome the aches and pain
      • Having a job to work at
  • Mom’s your children need to see you and hear you being a PRAISE GIVER
      • First and foremost to GOD – They need you to set an example for them
  • How many of us praise God like this:
    • Singing Victory is Jesus with a frown on your face and arms crossed. (Kids learn by WATCHING us and when they see us praising God like that they copy it! They say, “Oh that’s what victory in Jesus looks like)
      • Be a PRAISE GIVER and sing it like you mean it – Put a smile on your face, unfold those arms and just PRAISE GOD!
    • God blesses us with a special surprise blessing of checking a check in mail that covers a bill we just got – We open up that blessing and we respond – I can’t believe it, thanks God. (No one else in house heard it and many times we don’t tell the kids)
      • Next time a blessing like happens – Run through the house and shout at the top of your lungs. Let the entire house what God has just done
      • Second, praise your children
  • Children have all kids of stress they deal with – Homework, Classmates, Where to sit, Friends, Sports, Social Issues
  • Many times during the day they are told how bad they are at doing stuff
  • Then when they get many times they hear it from us as parents.
  • Make it a point to PRAISE your children. They need it and doesn’t matter how old they are.
  • Search out ways to praise your child.


  • Third, praising other people
    • In our society praising other people doesn’t happen that often. Instead, we look for ways to bring them down.
    • Set a good example and praise other people when they do good or do something correct.


  • Ma’am your children need to see and hear you being a PRAISE GIVER



  • Persistent Care (1 Sam. 2:19)
    • Hannah didn’t just leave Samuel at the temple to never see him again. Not a chance, each year Hannah would go to the temple and give Samuel and new robe that she made just for him.
    • That is the true love of a mother shining forth. You know that she worked on that robe the entire year. You also know that she made Samuel try it on and then she checked to make sure it right just right. You also know that she measured Samuel so she could make the next robe.
    • What we see Hannah doing is having PERSISTENT CARE. It didn’t matter that Samuel was no longer at home she was going to care for him just the same.
    • We need Mother’s today who are going to provide Persistent Care to their children.
    • Mom’s your children need your persistent care and I don’t care what they say. Down deep they desire your persistent care.
    • Do you think that Hannah made the same size robe for Samuel every year? No, she made a bigger one each year to match his growth.
    • The same idea applies today as well, the type of persistent care changes are the child grows.
      • Infant, toddler, elementary, teen, young adult, married adult
  • It doesn’t matter the age of your child they still need your persistent care. They need to know that you love them no matter their age.
  • Ma’am your children need your PERSISTENT CARE



Closing: Mother’s don’t forget that you play an active role in the life of your child. They need your PRAYERS, they need you to POINT THEM TO JESUS, they need you to be a PROMISE KEEPER and PRAISE GIVER, and they need your PERSISTENT CARE. Mom’s don’t forget, Yes, MA’AM (Mothers are active Missionaries). Your children are your greatest mission field.