Transforming Our Thinking

Series: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Title: Transforming our Thinking

Date: April 29, 2018

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2


Intro:  Today we will conclude our series, “Spiritual Spring Cleaning.” Over the course of this series we have seen how we can clean up our entire life in general, we have seen how we can clean up our attitude and today we will see how we can clean up our thinking. Our sermon for today is called, “Transforming our Thinking.”


Our Scripture for today will be Romans chapter 12, verses 1-2. These verses will be on the screen behind me.


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Verse 2 will be our focus for today and in that verse we have battle that is taking place. That battle is the battle for your mind. Paul is telling us as believers that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be conformed (pressed into the same shape) as the world. This conforming is done by how one thinks.


Our world does a marvelous job of telling people how they should think.

  • How to use your money; How we should view illegal immigrants; The ways in which we should view other religions; The ways in which you should view guns and violence; The issue of race; The way to educate children; It is okay for each person to choose: (Whom they love, What gender they want to be); How to look at police officers; What your political preference should be; The way we should view drugs; The way you need to view God


Methods used by the World to push its THINKING:

  • Through the use of MEDIA:
    • Movies, TV, Internet, Radio, Print, Social (Twitter, Facebook), and Music.
  • Just a quick music fact for you, just this year Hip-hop/Rap overtook Rock as the most popular type of music in America.
  • That means the messages in those songs will be influencing our young people for the foreseeable future.
  • Rap Themes:
    • Sexual Acts – 42%
    • Female Body – 21%
    • Male anatomy – 32%
    • Degrading women – 44%
    • Material Wealth (Needing money to feel good) – 78%
    • Possibility of going to prison – 48 %
    • Violence – 78%
    • Illicit Drugs – 68%
    • Alcohol – 40%
    • The “N” Word – 79%


Instead of being conformed into the way of thinking that this world is trying to cram down our throats we are to be TRANSFORMED by renewing our mind.


Being TRANSFORMED holds the idea of metamorphosis, a complete change from one thing into something else. A caterpillar into a butterfly is a great example.






Why do we need to transform our minds?

  • The answer comes from chapter 11 of Romans and verses 33 – 36
  • Read verses
  • Point out:
    • God has a depth of riches in both wisdom and knowledge
    • We can’t counsel God – Hey God, let me show you something that you haven’t seen before
    • Everything comes from God, everything exists because of His power and everything is intended for His glory.
  • You are here because of God and God has given you the ability to think and that thinking is meant to glorify God.
  • We need to transform our thinking because God’s knowledge and understanding is FAR superior to ours!



How do we go about transforming our thinking?

  1. Ask God to search us
    1. Read Psalm 139:23a – Search me, O God, and know my heart;
    2. Think of God searching us as the Anti-virus program searches your computer
      1. The anti-virus begins the search and it goes through everything in the computer looking for bugs and viruses.
      2. As believers we also have an anti-virus system, He’s called the HOLY SPIRIT. We need to ask God to search us and when we do the Holy Spirit begins to dig into our hearts and look for the hidden sin.
  • But, most of ask God to search us like this, “Dear God, please search my heart and show me my sin. (Pause for about 10 seconds) Amen.”
  1. We ask God to search us and then we give Him 10 seconds to complete the process!
  2. Do you really think the search process is going to take 10 seconds? Nope. How long does it take to run a scan on your computer? It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours it just depends on how long it has been since you last ran a scan.
  3. If it takes at least a 5 minutes to run a scan on your computer don’t you think you need to give God at least 5 minutes to search your heart?


  1. Change out of the old way of thinking
    1. Read Ephesians 4:22-23 > … that, in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit, and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind,…
    2. The idea of laying aside is that of changing out of a set of dirty clothes
    3. This is something that we know about because we change out of clothes on a daily basis, unless you are a Junior High Boy, but everyone else changes out of dirty clothes.
    4. Our old way of thinking is like dirty clothes: it stinks, it looks gross, and it makes us look bad.
    5. So, in order to TRANSFORM our thinking we need to change out of our old way of thinking and toss them in the hamper.
    6. Now, when you change out of dirty clothes you then put on a clean set.
    7. The clean set is the new way of thinking: fresh, beautiful, and God honoring
    8. Some of us need to change out of our dirty clothes


  1. Think on proper things
    1. Read Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.
    2. We just talked about changing out of our dirty clothes and putting on a fresh set. Well, this verse tells us what that fresh set is all about.
    3. If you don’t put on the fresh set of clothes you will eventually put back on that dirty set.
    4. The AP reported back in June of 2016 that the average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes using media: smartphone, the internet, TV, radio, computer, listening to music and video games.
    5. For most of that 10 hours we are putting the world’s way of thinking into our minds.
    6. On the flip side Barna did a study about how often people read the Bible. (2016)
    7. This was their question:
      1. How often, if ever, do you actually read the Bible, not including times when you are at a church service or church event?
        1. Never – 27%
        2. Less than once a year – 14%
        3. Once or twice a year – 9%
        4. Three of four times a year – 8%
        5. Once a month – 7%
        6. Once a week – 8%
        7. More than 4 times per week – 14%
        8. Every day – 13%
      2. Over the course of a year the average America will be on media for 3,640 hours or roughly 152 days!
      3. Over the course of a year the average American will read their Bible anywhere from 0 min. – 121 hours (5 days!)
      4. If we want to think on proper things we need to be in God’s Word more! What if we as believers cut back our time on media use and then used that time to read God’s Word?
      5. I’ll tell what would happen, things would change for the better in your life.

As she waits for her 5:45 a.m. spin class to begin, Cassandra Girao of Ossining, New York, sits on a bike scrolling through her email, listening to music or solving a puzzle.

“I feel like I would be lost without it,” Girao said. “My whole life is on it.”

Even so, Girao said she feels better when she gives the phone a rest. She sometimes hides tablets from her 4-year-old son to give him device-free days, and said he’s better behaved as a result.


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  1. We need to think more on proper things


What is the result of transforming our thinking?

  • Read Romans 12:2c – … so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.
  • The result of transforming our thinking is that we learn what God’s WILL for our life is! We will see that God’s will is: GOOD, PLEASING and PERFECT!



  • We will struggle to know God’s will when we spend most of time allowing ourselves to be conformed to world’s thinking. James calls this being double-minded! We can’t know God’s will if we have the world’s will inside our minds. If we really want to change our way of thinking we need to ask God to search us, we need to change out of the dirty clothes, and we need to think on proper things.