Help Needed!

Have you ever being walking along the street and noticed in the window of a business a small sign that said, “HELP WANTED.” That sign was telling people that they needed a worker to help get the job done. Have you ever seen that sign hanging from a church door or window? Probably not, but many pastors have probably been tempted to do so. Churches need HELPERS too!

I Corinthians 12:14 – For the body is not one member, but many.

In a church there are many jobs that need to get done. Floors need swept, bathrooms need cleaned, trash needs taken out, classes need taught, visitors need greeted, friends need to be made, children need attention, etc.  The list could go on and on and on…. A church has many moving parts that needs attention and many times those parts are neglected because there are not enough helpers.  Just as the body has many parts to do different jobs, people in the church have different talents to help the church function properly.

Every person has a special skill set that they have. Some people are great at organizing, others at teaching, some at listening, others are great at cleaning, some just love children, some enjoy maintainance, and some can sing. The point is that every person has something that they can use to help the church function correctly. The problem? Many times we don’t use our talents to help the church. Many times we get the mind set that someone else will do it, or isn’t that the pastor’s job?

One person can’t do everything. A church needs many people working together to get the job done right. The more people that get involved with the ministries of the church the more work can be accomplished for the honor and glory God. So, the next time you walk into church imagine there is a ‘HELP WANTED’ sign on the door and ask yourself, “How can I help?”

Because of the Cross,

Pastor Chris

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