What Have You Asked For?

Many of us can remember going to our parents and asking for stuff; money, to go somewhere, money, a later curfew, money. Many times when I asked I heard the word I hated to hear, “NO!” When I got older they didn’t say, “NO”, at first but they gave me advice to help me understand and then they said, “NO!”

I Samuel 8:5b – …now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.

Israel went to Samuel, who was acting as judge for Israel, and the leaders asked Samuel to give them a king instead of a judge!  The children of Israel wanted to be like the other nations who had kings. Samuel told the leaders what a king would do: take away your sons and daughters and make them his servants, take a tenth of your land and food, take away your servants and make them his. Samuel was letting the leaders know that having a king would be a bad idea. The people wouldn’t hear it, they wanted a king! As history shows they got their king and all that Samuel said would come true! Israel would never be the same again.

What have we asked for? Why do we ask for it? Do we have envy because the world has things that we don’t? When God tells us,”NO”, do we accept it or just throw a fit? When we ask for something let’s make sure that it is according to God’s will. Let’s be careful what we ask for because we might not want to pay the consequences of our choice!

Because of the Cross,

Pastor Chris

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