I Samuel 15:22c – …Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,…

Have you ever been given a job to do but you had to wait to do it? What did you do? Did you wait to do the job or did you go ahead and get a head start? Many of us don’t like to wait and we get in a hurry to get stuff done. We are just so busy, who has the time to wait!

But, our verse today says that to obey is better than sacrifice. We must be willing to obey the voice of God and those in authoirty over us who are leading us in the ways of God. Samuel told Saul to wait for him to make the sacrifice but Saul got antsy and made the sacrifice himself. Saul didn’t obey and the kingdom of Israel would be taken from him and given to another. All because Saul did not obey!

To obey means that we listen with intelligence. It means we actually listen when God speaks, not just half-hearted listen but actually listen. We put into practice what He has said, we obey His commands. To obey God is better than any sacrifice that we might make. Many times God wants us to slow down, but we say, ‘Look at all the stuff I’m doing for you God!’ Just because we do all kinds of stuff for God doesn’t mean that we are obeying! We might be sacrificing but not obeying. Take some time and look at all the stuff you do for God. Are you doing out it of obedience or are you just being busy? Let’s not be busy doing the wrong stuff for God. Obedience is better than sacrifice!

Pastor Chris

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