Honor at Work

It’s funny, when we were young we wanted to be older so we could work and when we got to working we wished we were young to enjoy the freedom.  It’s funny how our perspective changes when we get what we think we want. Since work is a must for most people, how is a Christian to act in the workplace?

The workplace can be brutal: people cursing, bad tempers, filthy jokes, laziness, back-stabbing, and out right lying! What should we do? Do we quit and find a perfect workplace? Not very likely because all workplaces have people and people are sinners, so no perfect workplace exists! 

I Timohty 6:1 – ‘Let as many servants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor, that the name of God and his doctrine be not blasphemed.’

Now this verse talking about people who were actually slaves and were owned by another person but it can still apply to us. No, we are not slaves to another person, but we are servants for the company that we work for. We are doing a service for them, performing a job, and therefore we are under their authority. Since we are under their authority, they are for that time at work our master, aka BOSS!

So how do we act in light of this verse? We need to show our boss and I believe other co-workers honor. We are to give esteem and show the correct respect to those in our workplace. How? Be truthful, work hard, keep your word, show up on time, don’t complain, be friendly. When we show honor to others at work we are able to glorify God and bring true honor to HIM.

Pastor Chris

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