Living by Faith

As we gaze out into the world we see many different ideas on how we are to live. Some say: ‘Live for the moment’, ‘Look out for number one’, ‘Go for the gusto’, ‘Do what makes you happy’, ‘This is all we have so do what you want!’  Many more ideas could be put down but you get the idea and depending on who you ask the answers will vary. But are these the only ways to live a life? NO!!!!!! Check out what God’s Word says about living life.

Habakkuk 2:4b – ‘but the just shall live by his faith.’

What a concept! The just, those of us who have accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, are to live our life by our faith! So all those ideas on how to live life are just that, man’s way to live life. Those ideas will not bring complete satisfaction but living by faith will!

What is our faith? Our faith is that we have placed our trust for eternal salvation and forgiveness in Jesus the Son of God, the TRUE Messiah! We have entrusted our life to the care of Jesus, not just for salvation but for everyday needs as well. Our faith is in JESUS.

How do we live by faith? We realize that God’s way is the right way and seek His help everyday. When trials come we go to God not ourselves. When tragedy strikes we lean upon God and His word to bring comfort and hope in the midst of tragedy. Living by faith means that we are willing to entrust every aspect of our life into the hands of God. We realize that God is all-knowing and filled with mercy and we want to be secure in His hands. We live by faith when we seek to glorify God in all that we do. How are you living life today? For yourself or by your faith?

Pastor Chris

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