From the eyes of man forever seems like a fairy tale or maybe even a distant dream. We have a hard time wrapping our mind around the word forever. Why? Because we have finite minds they are limited by time and space which makes it difficult to grasp forever. But, according to the Word fo God forever is a real term with real consequences.

Psalm 9:7 – But the LORD shall endure forever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment.

As we can clearly see, the LORD, Jehovah the self-existent, eternal, creator of all things will endure or last forever. God will never cease to exists! Why? Because He is God and being God He is eternal, He has no beginning and no ending. God will always exist contrary to popular belief. What an amazing and wonderful God we have, the God we can serve will endure forever. That means that God is the same today as He was many years ago. Just think the God that Bible characters worshipped in the Old and New Testament is the same God that we worship today! He doesn’t change and He won’t die, He will endure forever.

God is also preparing His throne for judgment. Why? Because it is appointed unto man once to die and then judgment. Rest assured the judgment of God will be righteous and just, He will not take bribes and He will not be deceived! What exactly are we judged on? We are judged on this one thing, what did we do with God’s free gift of salvation? God through Jesus has given mankind the opportunity to enjoy a free gift of salvation and enjoy eternal life with Him in heaven forever.  We can accept the free gift by admitting that we are a sinner and we need Jesus to rescue us or we can reject this free gift. But, when we stand at judgment those who have accepted the free gift of salvation will live forever with God and Jesus forever in heaven and perfect bliss. Those who have rejected the free gift will be judged as guilty and will suffer separation from God forever in eternal flames and damnation.

There is an amazing God that endures forever! The question is, do you want to spend eternity with Him or without Him? I encourage you to take the time and accept His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Forever is real, where do you want to spend forever?

Pastor Chris

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