From the eyes of man forever seems like a fairy tale or maybe even a distant dream. We have a hard time wrapping our mind around the word forever. Why? Because we have finite minds they are limited by time and space which makes it difficult to grasp forever. But, according to the Word fo God forever is a real term with real consequences.

Psalm 9:7 – But the LORD shall endure forever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment.

As we can clearly see, the LORD, Jehovah the self-existent, eternal, creator of all things will endure or last forever. God will never cease to exists! Why? Because He is God and being God He is eternal, He has no beginning and no ending. God will always exist contrary to popular belief. What an amazing and wonderful God we have, the God we can serve will endure forever. That means that God is the same today as He was many years ago. Just think the God that Bible characters worshipped in the Old and New Testament is the same God that we worship today! He doesn’t change and He won’t die, He will endure forever.

God is also preparing His throne for judgment. Why? Because it is appointed unto man once to die and then judgment. Rest assured the judgment of God will be righteous and just, He will not take bribes and He will not be deceived! What exactly are we judged on? We are judged on this one thing, what did we do with God’s free gift of salvation? God through Jesus has given mankind the opportunity to enjoy a free gift of salvation and enjoy eternal life with Him in heaven forever.  We can accept the free gift by admitting that we are a sinner and we need Jesus to rescue us or we can reject this free gift. But, when we stand at judgment those who have accepted the free gift of salvation will live forever with God and Jesus forever in heaven and perfect bliss. Those who have rejected the free gift will be judged as guilty and will suffer separation from God forever in eternal flames and damnation.

There is an amazing God that endures forever! The question is, do you want to spend eternity with Him or without Him? I encourage you to take the time and accept His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Forever is real, where do you want to spend forever?

Pastor Chris

Standing in awe!

Psalm 4:4a – Stand in awe, and sin not:…

To stand in awe literally means to quiver or shake, it also means that we recognize the greatness which God possesses.  Have you ever stood in awe of something? Maybe it was on a vacation and you saw a beautiful scene of nature, maybe it was watching someone do an amazing feat, maybe it was the time you looked up during the night and saw all the stars, planets, and distant galaxies! As you stood in awe how did you feel? Overwhelmed, excited, dumbfounded, proud, insignificant? These are all emotions that come into play when we stand in awe.

So what exactly do we stand in awe over about God? How about we start with the fact that God is self-existent! No one created God, He has always been. How about the fact that God is eternal, He has always existed and will never cease to exist! What about the fact that God is the creator of all things. All that beauty you look at in the world was created by God; oceans, grasslands, volcanoes, glaciers, trees, wildlife, deserts, rivers, canyons, reefs, etc. WOW!  How about the fact God is all-knowing. That’s right God knows all things perfectly! Check out this fact, God is all-powerful! Maybe you might like this better; God is the giver of life! Or how about the fact that God gave man-kind His only begotten Son to pay the penalty for our sin debt! Need more? Okay, how about the fact that anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved and enjoy eternal life in heaven! This list could keep going on and on and on and on.

There is an amazing God out there who loves us, cares for us and wants us to know Him personally! Why, because He created us after His very own image. So today take the time to stand in awe of GOD!

Pastor Chris

God’s Provision

The other day I was sitting outside the church in my car getting ready to go inside the church when something caught my eye. It was some little birds playing around and searching for food, at first it was just a few birds then more joined. I just sat and watched these little birds play, eat, and fly around looking for a morsel of food to eat. It was a beautiful scene with the snow on the ground and snow on the tree and the birds flying around. I just sat and looked as these little birds where just living their life and then it hit me, “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” (Matthew 6:27)

How awesome is our God? He is just amazing and awesome! Those little birds that fly around searching for food have no idea that God created them and that God is providing food for them to eat. God cares for those birds! Why? Because He created them during the creation week. He cares because He made them to glorify Himself.

Sometimes I start to wonder if God sees me or even cares about the things I do and then birds reminded me. God sees and God cares! Am I not more valueable to God than a sparrow! Yes I am and so are you. We are created in the very image of God, we were created after God’s likeness! If God provides for the little birds in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska then take comfort that God will provide for you. The next time you see a bird looking for food be reminded that God cares for you!

Pastor Chris


Ephesians 4:32 – And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

 With the Holiday Season in full force and Christmas just a few days away this is a perfect verse for this time. We as people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, we rush around trying to accomplish our list of tasks. In the process we tend to forget about the real reason for the season, JESUS. The Holiday Season, Christmas Day is not about us, not about gifts, not about impressing people, it’s about JESUS.

The Holiday season is the perfect time to show kindness, be tenderhearted and offer forgiveness. Why? Because God for Christ’s sake has forgiven us! God showed us kindness in giving us Jesus as the perfect gift for mankind! God showed us His tenderheart by allowing Jesus to pay for the sins of mankind on the cross! God shows us forgiveness when we accept the gift of salvation that God offered through Jesus!

Today if you are a child of God we can show this dark world a glimmer of light and hope. How? By showing them kindness that they don’t see everyday, by being tenderhearted in a cold-hearted world, and by showing forgiveness when all we see is revenge! We can be lights this Christmas season, the light of Jesus in a dark and dying world! What does the world need most this Christmas? The gift of salvation, wrapped up in Jesus!

Because of the Cross,

Pastor Chris