God’s Snow!

Job 37:6 – “For he (God) saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth;”

What a fitting verse for this past weekend in Nebraska and the entire midwest. Snow was falling like crazy and the winds were blowing with great fierceness! As I watched the snow fall and the wind blow, I thought, “What an awesome God I serve!”

Is it not amazing to know that God directs each snowfall, each flake, each gust of wind? Our God controls the snow that falls on the earth; how much and where it falls! Our God is in control of all things, absolutely amazing!

This past weekend reminded me that even when the weather outside is frightful, God is still in control. He controls the snow, the wind, and the temperature. God is always in control and it is reassuring to those that believe on Him. The next time and big storm hits whether in your life or actual weather, remember that GOD is in control!

Because of the Cross,

Pastor Chris

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