No God!

According to the Psalms, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”  What a bold and brash statement to make. Many people make this statement, they say that there is no God. How sad to think that many people claim that God does not exist. They might think themselves wise, yet the Word of God calls them fools!

Just look around and we can see the handiwork of God. Do you see the beauty of nature? It was created by a CREATOR GOD who spoke and nature was formed! Do you see the stars in the sky and galaxies as they stretch across our view? Those were placed by GOD, every star has a name and God knows it because He gave each name their names! Do you look at yourself in the mirror? You were formed by God and made in the image of GOD Himself! You are a specially created being for the purpose of having a personal relationship with God. God desires that you would seek Him and find Him. Where do you find God? Open His book and you will see: Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Second Chances, Truth, and Everlasting Life.

Don’t doubt God, He is real, He exists and He cares for you. He has a plan for your life and a way in which you are to go. Don’t be a fool and brush God away! Accept Him, know Him, and you will be counted wise. You can either NO GOD or KNOW GOD the choice is yours!

Pastor Chris

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