Have you watched the news lately? Have you read news reports in the paper or on-line recently? We see all kinds of headlines: Gas prices going up, wages going down, Government to shut down, wars in the Middle East, etc., etc.  Then you look at your own life and you have your own headlines: bills due soon, a child is sick and needs medicine, the fridge seems bare, no time for a short break! Life comes at us fast and furious! With all these headlines swirling around in our head what do we do? Many of us begin to worry. How will I put gas in my car? How will I pay the doctor bill? Who will I vote for in the next election? Why does the Middle East impact my life? As we look at the headlines in our life, worry sets in and new problems arise.

Matthew 6: 27 – “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?”

What kind of question is that and what does it mean? What Jesus was saying is that how many of us by worrying can add any value to your life! Worry doesn’t add value to a person’s life, it subtracts, it causes more stress, more pain, more bad scenarios. Worry makes us forget about God. When we worry we forget that God is in control, we forget that God has promised to provide us with food and shelter, we forget that God is the creator of all things. He feeds the birds! Won’t He feed you? He makes sure the grass is clothed! Don’t you think He will make sure you have clothes to wear? Worry makes us distrust God! We forget and lose our faith! This week when the headlines come rolling in roll them over to God.

Pastor Chris

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